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Here is my archive. All projects are listed chronologically. Toggle properties to discover whatever interests you...
2013 Exploring the aesthetics of a non-visual user interface
arduinohtml / cssscriptinguiux
2013 Exploring the future of personal banking physical servicestorytellingux
2012 Exploring the concept of collaborative decision making digitalphysicalstorytellingux
2012 Exploring the concept of travel and emotional connectedness
2012 Exploring the concept of play and emotional connectedness
2012 Building a game prototype in three days
2012 Heuristics interface analysis
2012 Technical interface specification physicallayout & typographyui
2011 On-line newsletter and product PDFs digitalphysicalhtml / cssbrandinglayout & typography
2011 Service design for neurological rehabilitation servicestorytellingux
2010 Data collection campaign physical data visualizationux
2010 Digital tool for heavy industry digitalphysical serviceheuristicsuiux
2010 Mobile iOS application for retail chain digitaluiux
2009 Website for New Yorker cartoonist and writer, Peter Steiner digitalscriptinglayout & typographyux
2008 International investment bank website redesign digitalhtml / cssbrandinglayout & typographyux
2008 Printed posters / data visualizations physicaldata visualizationlayout & typography
2008 New employee recruitment website for international investment bank digitalbrandinglayout & typographyhtml / cssux
2008 Printed brochure for New York City non-profit physicallayout & typography
2007 On-line Portfolio digitalbrandinglayout & typographyscriptingux
2007 Printed St. Louis MO, Restaurant identity system physicalbrandinglayout & typography
2006 Book cover for non-profit organization physicallayout & typography
2006 Exterior & interior exhibition and way-finding system physicaldata visualizationbrandinglayout & typography
2005 Website for architecture & interior designer digitalscriptinglayout & typographyux
2005 Website for NYC residential condominium digitalhtml / csslayout & typographyux
2005 Printed materials for New York City non-profit organization physicalbrandinglayout & typography
2003 Local New York City Event / Poster physicallayout & typography
2003 New York City non-profit collateral campaign physicalbrandinglayout & typography
2002 On-line newsletter for French investment bank digitalhtml / cssux
2001 On-line Portfolio digitalbrandingscriptinglayout & typographyux
1999 Poster / Political Awareness / Bosnia Herzegovina physicallayout & typography

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